Living With A Floortech Slab | Building With A Floortech Slab
  • Reduced construction time. Once the ground floor brickwork has been completed, the FloorTech Flooring System can be installed in as little as four days. The brick load of the second storey can take place just a few days later. Compare this to conventional concrete slabs, which cannot be loaded for a minimum of 21 days from the date of concrete pour to allow for curing. With a FloorTech Flooring System, you can finish off and move on to your next job up to three weeks sooner.

  • Fully compliant. The system is designed by structural engineers and is fully compliant with the practices and requirements of the Building Code of Australia AS4600, AS3600, AS4100, AS1170 and all Australian Standards.

  • Complete service. We provide a full service from completed ground floor brickwork to completed suspended slab, including forming balconies and staircases and the supply and lay of all concrete required. And to make things even easier, you'll have just one contact for your entire job. A FloorTech system is hassle free and of the highest quality.

  • Cost effective. It costs no more than a conventional slab but has loads more benefits.

  • Tradesman friendly. Our system allows plumbers to install plenum boxes for installing extraction fans; all the electrician needs do is fit the desired fan in place, while the ducting to external air is taken care of by the plumber using readily available PVC piping. [Image]

  • Prop Supports. Unlike Conventional Slab. Floortech has minimal or NO Prop Supports. This means work (such as plastering / wirings) can continue under the floor immediately. [Image]

  • Open plan. The design eliminates the need for obtrusive concrete support beams on wide ceiling spans. Conventional formed concrete relies on the cured concrete itself along with reinforcing steel to support itself between walls and often requires a downturn concrete. [Image]

  • Flexible. Future changes to wiring and lighting are possible after construction. This includes recessed lighting that is virtually impossible to alter with other types of contruction. [Image]

  • More design options. Unlike a conventional slab, there's no need for a false ceiling with a FloorTech system, so you can place wet areas (bathrooms, toilets) anywhere in the upper floor.

  • Better finish. FloorTech's design means no cover mouldings are required to hide the slab edge. This is especially noticeable in stair voids, which often look unsightly. [Image]

  • Less noise. The topping of FloorTech concrete over the fully engineered strong subframe is very effective in reducing any audible noise transfer. It is estimated the STC (Sound Transfer Coefficient) of FloorTech is 50-55, which exceeds the requirement of the Building Code of Australia.

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