A breakthough in suspended flooring construction.

FloorTech has numerous resources available for both the home builder and the buyer.
Builders currently using the FloorTech system in their Two storey homes, Town Houses and Units:

Broadway Homes 45 u2 Motivation Dr, Wangara 9302 1212
Danmar Homes 470 Scarbourough Bch Rd,
Osb Park
9445 7833
Goldstyle 2 u12 Bateman Rd, Canning Vale 9455 1731
Home Group WA 11 Delawney St, Balcatta 13 14 14
Impressions 6 Bennett St, East Perth 9461 5200
National Homes 22 Mount St, Perth 6555 7504
Perceptions 6 Bennett St, East Perth 6461 5500
Plunkett Homes 34 Burton St, Cannington 9366 0000
Qest 261 Berwick St, East Vic Park 9472 0100
Regency Living 28 u9 Belmont Ave, Belmont 9477 2200
RDC Construction 86 Guthrie St, Osb Park 9454 6400
Stratawise 22 Mount St, Perth 9555 7515
Summit Projects/
Summit Homes
83 McLoy St, Myaree 9333 0800
Switch Homes 191 Great Eastern Hwy, Belmont 9471 5300
Ventura Homes L7, 20 Walters Dr, Osb Park 9241 1511
Ventura ID L7, 20 Walters Dr, Osb Park 9241 1600

AND MORE... If your builder is not on the list, speak to them about Floortech and we can provide all the information they need. If you're an owner builder, please contact us directly.


Australand Property Group 2/115 Cambridge St, West Leederville 9214 7900
BGC Construction 22 (5th Floor) Mount St, Perth 9261 1700
JCP Construction 1/3 Ord St, West Perth 6461 5400

Display homes with the FloorTech system:

Check with Builders website for opening times and status of display (Appointment May be Necessary) Usual open times are

Mon 2- 5pm
Wed 2 - 5pm
Sat 1 - 5pm
Sun 1 - 5pm

15 Bristlebird Circult, Alkamos Home Group WA (Chicago Platinum)
88 Shipmaster Ave, Alkamos Perceptions ('The Vista Azure' By Appointment Only)
Lot 356 #15 Cilantro Parkway, Banjup Broadway (The Eastwood)
Lot 389 Aniseed Rd, Banjup Perceptions (The Calleya)
Lot 388 Aniseed Rd, Banjup National Homes (Under Construction)
Lot 354 Cilantro Parkway, Banjup Ventura Homes
Lot 345 Wattleseed Ave, Banjup (Calleya Display)
Burns Beach
95 Grand Ocean Ent, Burns Beach Home Group WA (Metropolitan Platinum)
451 Burns Bch Rd, Burns Beach Perceptions ('The Bel Mare')
Lot 111 Vetter Rd, Clarkson Broadway (The Garland)
Lot 106 Vetter Rd, Clarkson Home Group WA
Lot 110 Vetter Rd, Clarkson Ventura Homes

9 Havlin Crt, Gwelup Perceptions (The Aventi)
8 Grimwood Ave, Gwelup Broadway (The Loren)
3 Seychelles Lane, Hillarys Broadway ('The Hepburn')
1613 (#23) Romano Cres, Iluka Perceptions (The Contempo Open by Appointment only)
Romano Cres, Iluka Broadway ('The Harlow')
8 Belii Lane, Jundale Home Group WA (Florida Platinum)
#128 Telford Cres, Stirling Switch Homes (Horizon)
Lot 17 (#49) Solia Loop, Woodvale Perceptions (By Appointment Only)

43 Sumich Garden, Coogee Broadway (The Bisset)
46 Sumich Garden, Coogee Switch Homes (Under Construction 15th Sept)
#27 Exchange Ave, Harrisdale Switch Homes (The Maya)
Southern River
987 Didcot St, Southern River Perceptions ('The Kandinski)
#6 Didcot St, Southern River Home Group WA (Memphis Platinum)
6 Bruny Meander, Wandi Perceptions (The Verdelho)
2 Bruny Meander, Wandi Broadway (Inspiration)

Structural Engineers certifying product

Structerre Consulting Engineers [PDF] 1 Erindale Rd Balcatta 9205 4500
Prompt Engineering 1/73 Buckingham Dr Wangara 6369 9400
Advanced Building Engineers U2/50 Oxford Close, West Leederville 9382 8888
Structural Design Engineers U5/640 Beeliar Dr, Success 9414 7001
BG Engineers 7 Allerton Way, Booragoon 9315 3295
Engineer Perth Suite 12, Upper floor, 734 Albany Hwy, East Victoria Park 6424 8129

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