A breakthrough in suspended
flooring construction.

FloorTech was established in 2000 as part of the JCorp Group of companies.

The aim was to provide an alternative to the traditional method of Formwork, concrete and steel reinforcement that is multi trade reliant, time consuming and unfriendly to running services. We wanted a system that was Fast to install, design flexible, easy to construct, and simplify services installation.

Working with structural Engineers, our breakthrough came with the development of our suspended flooring system. Using similar techniques used in Europe for many years we improved on those and FloorTech was born.

This new system, which saves up to three weeks construction time and allows post-construction options that are impossible with the traditional slab, was an instant success, drawing unprecedented interest from other builders and developers.

Almost thirteen years on, FloorTech is the undisputed leader in suspended flooring construction and continues to deliver unbeatable service and installation.
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